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TheStadiumBusiness Awards 2014 Winners in Focus: Safety & Security – Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Brighton & Hove Albion FC picked up the Safety & Security Award for 2014, at TheStadiumBusiness Awards gala evening in Hendon, London.

The Brighton & Hove Albion Security team beat off competition from the likes of FC Twente, Secure Events & Assets Pty Ltd and StaffPoint Oy to claim the award.


Chris Baker, Safety Officer, Brighton & Hove Albion FC: “We were absolutely delighted to win and it was very special to us as we pride ourselves on the way we treat not only our fans, but fans from all clubs.”

“This was even more special because it was our first award since the re-structuring of operations here at the Amex so it means even with the changes we continue to provide a fantastic match day experience for everyone.”

Chris explained why Brighton & Hove Albion FC were deserved winners… “Venues work hard to provide a good match day service for their supporters, but here at Brighton and Hove Albion we try to take it a little further.”

“We have our customer service ethos “Team Brighton” which everyone right down to visiting Police Officers and local railway workers have all be trained in, so right from arriving at Brighton Station, you are met with the same cheerful welcome.”

“Stewards here are described as being “more like theatre ushers” by supporters and we are often told that they are the best in the league. This means we encounter less hostility and supporters are more compliant.”


“We change concourse lighting to the colours of the visiting team, project images of their stars up onto concourse televisions, bring in guest ales from their area and above all make them feel welcome. It’s for these reasons that we are visited every match by either representatives of a Club, the FA or the League to look at the way we operate.”

“Many organisations have now changed and adopted some of our policies. Brazil 2014; Qatar 2022, The Premier League and many other organisation have all attended and we were awarded two matches in the Rugby World Cup because of our venue and our values.”

Looking to the future… “Training, training and more training for the staff. Develop from within and ensure that we don’t get complacent. We need to ensure that we get the right staff with the right skills – not just someone to fill a coat.”

“Above all, we need to make sure we don’t lose sight of  whether it’s a home or an away fan. They are a customer that we want to return and we want them to tell their family and friends of the experience so they come too.”

“And of course we will continue to look for innovative ways of using new technology to improve everyone’s experiences. Brighton is becoming a brand in the industry and we are being talked about worldwide. Even the Deputy Italian Prime Minister referred to us in the Italian Parliament last year – so we won’t rest on our laurels.”

A proud club… “This hasn’t just happened overnight and there are a lot of people that make this Club the huge success it is.”

“The design of the stadium helps as every aspect required by the supporters was thought of by the team behind the design and build. The small (but dedicated team) of those of us that now operate the venue are amongst the most hard working group of individuals you could ever wish to meet.”

“But above all, we all get on amazingly well – therefore everyone pulls together to ensure the venue is constantly talked about and nominated for fantastic awards like this.”

“We are all delighted to actually win this prestigious award, especially when such an esteemed panel of judges selected us… now the challenge is to see if we can win it again. We will give it our best shot.”


“A fantastic stadium with a fantastic team devoted to the comfort, safety and security of spectators…”



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