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Welcome to… TheStadiumBusiness Insights

We’ve been working extremely hard the last six months with our partners at Squires Media to deliver the most relevant, up-to-the-minute news, blogs and content for the stadium business sector, and it’s been received very well.

As part of our master plan to keep improving our news service, we have been busy carrying out our own exclusive interviews with some of the industry’s most respected voices. Well, it would be a waste having such an incredible list of contacts if we didn’t pick their brains from time to time.

Introducing TheStadiumBusiness Insights. The Insights series will offer exclusive, weekly content from a number of industry leaders from around the world discussing the hottest topics affecting stadia.

The first few of our videos are already up for viewing, and we’ve housed them all neatly in our new ‘Insights’ section on our website. Enjoy!


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