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‘Twas the Night After Halloween

There are just 12 days left before we welcome some of the world’s key stadium industry professionals in Manchester for 3 days of learning, debate and networking at TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit 2016.

We are dedicated to creating unique networking opportunities for our delegates, as we know that taking people out of ‘business’ mode can often lead to the most successful conversations. With that in mind, we have just received our HUGE delivery of Halloween goodies for the ‘Twas the Night After Halloween’ party on 1 Nov (see what we did there?) hosted at Lancashire County Cricket Club.


It’s all too familiar engaging in professional, formal conversation after being connected with someone new at a conference, and as much as these types of encounters are vital to our business and our clients, in some instances, there are huge benefits in taking away the formalities and providing a more social, relaxed environment.

Our delegates always thank us for creating such informal, relaxed times to meet others during our events as they have resulted in some of the most successful new relationships. It also gives us a chance to let our hair down a little too – and who doesn’t enjoy a good Halloween party?

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