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SPEAKER PREVIEW: Ticketing Technology – New Frontiers

These are exciting times for live entertainment ticketing. New platforms and concepts such as mobile, social media, NFC, dynamic pricing and cloud computing are emerging. The future looks even more exciting as these new innovations start to converge, bringing exponential growth in functionality, customer experiences and sales opportunities.

But, from a venue perspective, when and how should we ‘buy in’ to this changing landscape?

At AuditoriumsMeet 2012, John Pinchbeck, Founder of, will join the international speaking line up to examine new frontiers of live entertainment ticketing – and how venues and rights holders can best utilize these emerging technologies.

“I’m fortunate to have been involved in the deployment of computerised ticketing systems from their first introduction, all the way through to this new generation of extremely complex CRM-based products with fully integrated online, mobile, affiliate and social media platforms,” explains Pinchbeck, who boasts 22 years’ ticketing industry experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Consultancy.

John has worked for venues, ticket agencies, system suppliers, and for seven years as a freelance consultant, his work taking him across Europe and into North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

“It really is an exciting time for the industry. Enabling technologies are converging, on a live entertainment industry buoyed by the decline in recorded music sales and the birth of social media.”

“In today’s live entertainment ticketing market,” continues Pinchbeck, “price and promotional flexibility, extensive distribution and mobile applications will be required to combat economic downturns.”

“I look forward to discussing more in Edinburgh.”

Discover how your venue can best navigate the changing ticketing landscape, only at AuditoriumsMeet 2012.




About the speaker:

John Pinchbeck is the Founder of (TCC) which specializes in emerging technologies, applications and practices

TCC is a group of seasoned professionals with a wide range of practical experience in sales, operations, marketing, system development and consultancy roles. TCC offers specialist advice on all aspects of ticketing and ticketing-related services across Sport, Performing Arts, Concerts, Visitor Attractions and Ticket Agencies. Its particular focus is on the commercial sector and the fields of dynamic pricing, regional and national networks, mobile ticketing and social ticketing.

The firm also helps organisations get the most out of established technologies, and address traditional business needs via operational audits, marketing reviews, feasibility studies, market research and assistance with recruitment and project management.