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Auditoriums Meet

SPEAKER PREVIEW: Programming Diversity & Incremental Growth at London’s Royal Albert Hall

How do we attract a new generation of visitors to our venues – and keep them coming back for more, time and time again?

The latest addition to our world-class speaker line-up, Chris Cotton, Chief Executive of London’s Royal Albert Hall (pictured) will join the programme for AuditoriumsMeet 2012 to explore just that…

The Hall is in the enviable position of having ‘more events than dates’! Over the past few years the management team has embarked on a strategy to drive attendance, grow audiences and diversify content by using every available space (and timeslot) within the historic venue.

The result? More than 140 additional events each year.

While these events are smaller – typically an average attendance of 200 people – the combined activity represents a stream of new customers and a new database for future attendance.

And, in Edinburgh, Chris Cotton will join the international speaking line up in Session II (‘Audience Development & Customer Engagement’) to discuss how such diverse programming is helping to drive growth, and deliver a sustainable events business.

Explore how best to create engaged, motivated and happy ambassadors for your venue only at AuditoriumsMeet 2012.




About the speaker:

Chris Cotton is a Chartered Architect with over 40 years expertise in conservation, restoration and design of commercial buildings. Amongst other major projects he was executive architect on the first buildings at Canary Wharf and the London Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE).

He took up the post of Chief Executive in 2010 having previously been Building and Operations Director of the Royal Albert Hall’s Grade I listed building of national importance since 2005. His primary role is to develop and implement strategy and business plans of the Corporation and oversee the charity’s public benefit and outreach work.

He Chairs the Exhibition Road Cultural Group (ERCG), which represents and champions the collective view of the 18 national and international cultural and educational organisations of world renown and two local councils within the Exhibition Road area of west London. He is a Director of Julie’s Bicycle, a not-for-profit organisation who makes environmental sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of music, theatre and the creative industries. A member of the advisory Board of Tickets for Troops and a non-executive Director of Saia Group, a design, planning and project Management Company.

Originally from Edinburgh, Chris enjoys all forms of live performance and is a keen sailor particularly on the west coast of Scotland.