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SPEAKER PREVIEW: Dynamic Ticketing and TopTix’s SRO4 system

A privately-owned software house devoted to the design, development and support of ‘white label’ ticketing systems for the live entertainment industry, for the past 10 years TopTix has been known internationally as the creators of SRO – a suite of ticketing software applications, widely acknowledged as among the most technically sophisticated, flexible and reliable ticketing solutions available anywhere in the world.

SRO (Standing Room Only) is successfully used by over 700 theatres, concert halls, sports stadia, visitor attractions and ticket agencies across 16 countries worldwide; collectively processing in excess of 105 million tickets per year.

And, at Ticketing Technology Forum 2013, in London, Managing Director Karl Vosper will join the international speaking line-up to present a live demonstration of SRO4: TopTix’s new, next-generation system, which was launched last year.

Much more than pricing

The result of a five-year, multi-million pound development initiative, SRO4 has been entirely re-engineered, and is based on a brand-new, highly sophisticated platform: and one that brings ‘unparalleled levels of flexibility, scalability and performance to any organisation involved in the sale or distribution of entertainment tickets’.

“We like to think of SRO4 as a ‘dynamic ticketing’ system,” explains Karl. “Which means it’s about much more than just the ‘pricing’ element.”

“It’s also the ability to offer tailored packages and prompts based on segmented audience information, as well as the ability to offer priority booking, and access to specific seats.”

“We can dynamically control inside and outside commissions and the availability of specific payment , delivery and fulfilment methods based on who is buying, when, how and for what – as well as dynamically alter the ticket and other documents that are produced at the end of a transaction.”

So, how has SRO4 (pictured in action, below) been received by TopTix’s international client base?

“When we talk about ‘dynamic’, I think it’s fair to say that we’re seeing some nervousness in the marketplace.”

“As I’ll discuss in detail in March, with SRO4 we’re starting to get our customers thinking; but it may be a little while before we see the adoption of true dynamic pricing, in terms altering the face value of the ticket, as the norm in the industry.”

A keen eye on the marketplace

Vosper is looking forward to being a part of the inaugural Ticketing Technology Forum:

We’re really pleased to be involved. I think there’s certainly a place in the market to look specifically at new technologies, what’s coming, what’s on the horizon and, ultimately, what could be adopted for our customers.”

“It’s our responsibility as system suppliers to keep a keen eye on the marketplace, and the Forum is a fantastic opportunity for us to get together and really discuss the technologies that are out there.”

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PICTURED: SRO4 in action
Images courtesy TopTix

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