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A right royal Invitation

In a world where digital ticketing technologies are accelerating at such a pace, it’s great to embrace the convenience of mobile tickets and cashless payments – BUT it’s also refreshing to be pulled back to basics from time to time and receive a real-life, physical ticket.

Today, our CFO Josephina, was delighted to be cordially invited to a very royal 3rd birthday party – by a true princess – and the TTF team were very impressed with her execution. Enciting squeals of excitement and stares of amazement, the scroll-style inviations were grandly presented to each guest this afternoon requesting their presence at the event.


Beautifully presented with a flower, gem and handwritten name tag, the idea drummed up a feeling that could be completely lost on future generations – the thrill of real tickets finally being in your hands.


The experience will never be completely lost when the likes of industry leaders, Ticketmaster, are championing products such as their Collector Ticket – which was proclaimed Product Innovation of the Year at Ticketing Technology Awards 2016, but we hope that ticketing leaders will never lose sight of how much joy can come from a little product and packaging.

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