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Bring your dog to work day

An emotional morning here in the UK has been eased somewhat by the fact that today also happens to be one of the happiest days of the year – Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Never a team to shirk national traditions, we are participating whole-heartedly and even though the XP pooches are a regular feature in the office, we thought today they could earn their keep by helping us out a little.


Nutello was most the most enthusiastic intern and eagerly mounted the desk to sink his teeth into his new role (demolishing my fresh coffee on the way up, I might add). Guinness was slower to warm to the idea of not sleeping all day but eventually seemed to find a real affinity with figures.

Their phone manner probably still needs a little work, but I think we can confidently say that they are some of the best team members we have ever had – if not a little slobbery.

Look after your four-legged friends today, folks, and happy Friday!


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