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Project update: Flower beds and Paint

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing real progress start to take shape during a project and so a little update today gives exaclty that – because paint is finally going on the walls!

The colour of the front of the house has been a sticking point to say the least; do you choose something modern and sleek, or keep with something more traditional for a cottage-type property? Just 9 large pots of paint later (ranging from ‘dolphin grey’ to ‘sandstone’), several patches of yellowy-creams, 22 long sleepless nights, and a colur has finally been chosen. The decorators began before any minds could change again and it’s already starting to look like the beautiful home it’s going to become.


A short stroll from the main house and we’re also seeing the kitchen garden take shape. Last week the plot was levelled out in preparation and now we have the beginnings of raised flower beds and a feature olive tree all the way from Italy. I can taste the freshly picked strawberries already.


Provided this predictably soggy summer doesn’t continue we’re hoping to have more developments this time next week… all that’s left to do is convince them to let me move in.


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