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Our seaside hometown of Sussex opened its doors to the community for the Worthing Artists Open Houses programme this weekend, seeing 60 venues showing the work of over 250 artists.

Local architectural firm, ECE Architecture took part for the second year in a row by taking over a small plot of our beloved beach to create an installation that has been dubbed ‘Doorhenge’.


The brightly-coloured, mirrored door frames, replicating the prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, can be seen seemingly rising from beneath the pebbles to create a striking vision which is brightening up the coast line.

The idea was the brainchild of ECE and branding agency Creative Forager who are hoping to encourage people to look at architecture in a different way.

In the lead up to TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit, where a gathering of world-class architects and designers will discuss the future of stadium design, it’s fantastic to see that even local firms are moving outside of the normal bounds of architecture to promote the industry.


A clever marketing spin sees local residents challenged to take the best photo of the piece using #ecedoorways across their social media platforms and the internet has been flooded with images since its grand unveiling early Saturday morning.

If you’re around Sussex over the next few weeks, come and check out ‘Doorhenge’ for yourself.

Feature image credit to the award-winning Creative Forager.

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