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PROGRAMME: Call for product innovations

Submissions for the Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 conference programme are now being invited.

Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 will feature the latest products in the fields of Mobile Ticketing, Social Ticketing, Dynamic Pricing, NFC applications, Ticketing Portals and Cloud-based ticketing, presented to a wide range of delegates in an open forum.

And we invite you to tell us exactly which products, services and solutions you think we should showcase in our programme for London.

Please click here to send us your submission.

Please note the following submission guidelines:

  • The conference programme for Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 will cover two days – Today and Tomorrow.
  • For day one (Today) we would only like to feature products that have been publicly released within the 12 months leading up to the Forum (19th March ’13).
  • For day two (Tomorrow) we are looking for new concepts and prototypes that have not yet been publicly released.
  • We welcome submissions from across the live entertainment spectrum (Sport, Performing Arts, Concerts, Cinema, Festivals and Visitor Attractions), from all territories and in all languages.
  • The only criterion for selection is significant technological and/or market innovation.
  • We have one additional guideline: No PowerPoint/Bullet Point presentations! We would like to feature fast, hard-hitting, visually stimulating live presentations, live demonstrations of products, video clips etc.
  • Selection will be via application to the Ticketing Technology Forum Advisory Panel, and at the Advisory Panel’s discretion.
  • Please submit a short description of the product, its key features, an overview of when it was launched and its success to date, plus any relevant supporting links, photographs, videos, and/or presentations.
  • If we are over-subscribed in any given category we will restrict selection to products that feature ticketing-related elements (i.e. the return path from pure marketing applications).
  • Suppliers are welcome to present their own products or submit them for presentation by an Advisory Panel member.
  • Submissions by the same company across several categories are welcome, but the Advisory Panel may have to restrict selection to a single presentation per company per day.
  • Selection will not be influenced by a Supplier’s purchase of any TTF Delegate, Exhibitor or Sponsorship packs.

Please click here to send us your submission.

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