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PACIFA decision and Xperiology in 2015

Xperiology, organisers of the global sport, leisure and entertainment sector’s most respected events, is delighted to welcome PACIFA decision as sponsors to its 2015 event portfolio.

Julien Piwowar Profile
Julien Piwowar, President, PACIFA decision

PACIFA decision creates and develops innovative solutions to help venue Managers in their daily work. They work in staff optimisation and crowd control and are linked to ticketing, access control and cctv. Their groundbreaking 3D technologies allow reduced operational costs while improving ticketing and hospitality revenues.

And, after 5 years of attending Xperiology’s events as delegates, Julien Piwowar (President – PACIFA decision) has committed to sponsoring across the entire events portfolio for 2015. We caught up with him ahead of a big year for PACIFA decision.

1. You’ve attended Xperiology’s events for the past 5 years. What sets Xperiology events apart from others that you’ve attended?

“I’ve been a delegate at Xperiology events for a long time now. I’ve found them so beneficial. I’ve managed to create great friends and contacts thanks to the excellent networking opportunities. Now, with our growing international presence, it’s the right time to sponsor and take our Xperiology presence onto the next level.”

2. What made you want to sponsor multiple events across our 2015 Events Roster?

“Our technology already has a strong presence in sports stadiums, theatres and venues in France (such as Paris-Saint-Germain, Olympique de Marseille and many, many more!) All of Xperiology’s events are attractive to us because we want to work with all spectrums of the live entertainment industry – from theatres to stadiums, arenas to concert halls. I like the bigger picture that Xperiology offers and the way it brings together international delegates from all of these different (but closely linked) industry sectors.”

PACIFA Staff Gate
Stadium Staff Gate

3. Why have you decided to sponsor now? What triggered your decision?

“When I first attended Xperiology events, we were very much at our development stages. We were researching the industry, reaching out to see how our product would work and how it would be received. For the past two years, we have been growing our contacts whilst growing the company from 2 to 20 people. Now, the French market is almost closed off for us now. We have credible clients that use (and love) our product. We’ve run out of venues to pitch to in France, we have partnerships with Football, Rugby & Basketball leagues, famous theaters (like Folies Bergère) and more. It’s time to bring our product to the rest of Europe, and the rest of the world!”

4. Which aspect of our events do you enjoy most and why?

“Networking! Xperiology events offer endless networking possibilities. Whether it is a coffee break, an evening reception or a tour… it’s always a lovely atmosphere. You can discuss, share and meet with open-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. It makes ‘promoting a product’ so much easier (and nicer) than simply selling at a trade stand like other events. Also, for just two days out of the office, you can meet and make more contacts at an Xperiology event than you could from several weeks stuck behind a desk in the office.”

5. How important is it for you to break into new territories and industries?

“In 2012 we decided we needed to take our product to the US and other new markets. We’ve been supported by the New England Technology Venture Accelerator program to do so. We have a product that helps people and so we want to offer it to help venues all around the world, not just France (and Europe!) Now that we are a bigger company, and we have lots of success stories, we feel that we are truly ready to take our product to the rest of the world. Xperiology’s decision to conquer North America is the perfect platform for us… and the perfect timing.”

6. Describe Xperiology in one sentence…

“Xperiology events are like a networking holiday where you can share great times with your business relatives”.

Xperiology owns and delivers many of the sports and entertainment sector’s most respected conferences and events, click here to view our latest Events Roster.

More about PACIFA decision…

PACIFA decision is a 6-year old European company which creates and develops innovative solutions to help venue Managers in their daily work.

They work in staff optimisation and crowd control and are linked to ticketing, access control and cctv. Their groundbreaking 3D technologies allow reduced operational costs while improving ticketing and hospitality revenues.

They are 20 team-mates fully dedicated to permanently upgrading their existing tools and inventing new ones to always be on the cutting-edge of innovations. Their various origins and partnerships allow them to manage up to 9 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Slovakian, Polish and Russian) because their willingness is to be in direct contact with managing teams; in order to work closely together in a friendly and collaborative way, instead of simply being a supplier.

Their existing references are the best ambassadors to testify their product works and it is worth the investment!

You can find more information on the website or follow them on Twitter @PACIFAdecision.

a unique 3D seat-by-seat choice
A unique 3D seat-by-seat choice.



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