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More online upgrades for XP

With some of the world’s most respected meetings for the sports and live entertainment industry’s under our care, we know how important the user experience is for our customers.

Visitor behaviour is ever-evolving; people become busier, look primarily to their mobile devices, and analysis shows that they are spending increasingly less time on any site – they just don’t have the inclination to trawl through vasts amounts of information to get what they need.

Keeping it short and sweet is vital.

We therefore introduce our new streamlined, optimised (and gorgeous) website for TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit.

We know that the Summit is the essential meeting of the year for all those involved in the design, development and construction of major sports venues. We hope our new site will ensure you know the same. Enjoy!

Credit to the hardest-working developer in the game, Glen Wheeler for an awesome job on all the complicated geeky bits


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