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New survey paints ‘overwhelmingly positive picture’ of UK theatre

A new survey conducted by LiveAnalytics for Ticketmaster has revealed that 63 percent of the UK population has been to at least one theatre show in the past year.

Its research presents an overwhelmingly positive picture of the UK theatre industry. People from all backgrounds, ages and walks of life are streaming into playhouses across the UK bursting with opinions and full of love for the work within.

untitled‘State of Play: Theatre UK’ is the second in a series of reports published under the LiveAnalytics banner by the Insight team at Ticketmaster International, as part of their drive to better understand the live entertainment sector and its audiences. The first ‘State of Play’ report was published in 2012 on festivals in the UK.

UK Theatre Boom

The marketing services offer from LiveAnalytics, a division of Ticketmaster International, was unveiled at our launch Ticketing Technology Forum earlier this year.

Mark Yovich, president of Ticketmaster International, said: “This isn’t a simple demographic study – we’re looking not just at who attends the theatre, but at why they attend, where they go, and how they come to be there. State of Play: Theatre UK is a 360 degree product of immeasurable value to creative and business professionals working in UK theatre.”

He continued: “The theatre world has been insecure about its future for years now, but our report shows there is little reason to be cautious. With considered experimentation, bold programming and, most of all, a real dialogue with audiences, theatre in the UK will continue to boom.”

Get your copy of the full report here.

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