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Auditoriums Meet

NEW PROJECTS: Musikkens Hus (House of Music) to be showcased at AudsMeet

The €100m+ Musikkens Hus (House of Music) in Denmark’s Nordjylland region is the latest new live entertainment venue project to be confirmed for the Drawing Boards session at AuditoriumsMeet 2012.

Designed by the internationally renowned Austrian architects Coop Himmelb(l)au, construction on the House began in May 2010, with the topping out ceremony held in April of this year.

Set to open in summer 2013, the completed 20,000m2+ venue will house a 1,300 seat concert hall, along with three more intimate performance spaces, a beautiful vertical foyer with a 2,100+ guest capacity, a great restaurant etc. and will become home to the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Academy of Music and the Aalborg University Department of Music.

In video: Musikkens Hus

At AuditoriumsMeet 2012, Lasse Rich Henningsen, CEO, Musikkens Hus will join the international speaking programme to offer delegates an exclusive look at the exciting project.

“Musikkens Hus will be a cultural beacon for Nordjylland,” comments Henningsen, “And a place where performers can live out their dreams, where passion is the driving force and where world class musical content can be delivered in an impressive setting.”

“I’m very much look forward to sharing our story with our colleagues in Edinburgh.”




About the speaker:

Lasse Rich Henningsen joined Musikkens Hus i Nordjylland as CEO in April 2012.

Prior to joining Musikkens Hus, Lasse – who graduated with an MSc in Business Administration and Business Law from Aalborg University in 2003 – served in various management positions in the entertainment business industry, including 7 years at The Music Business Organization (MBO) A / S, most recently as COO and director of the firm’s Business & Legal Affairs.

Lasse also worked as Project Manager (Music Releases) at The Eurovision Song Contest, and at T.G. Management (responsible for Booking, Live Productions / Tour, and Promotional activites for a wide roster of talent). Lasse, 35, is married with three children.

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