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All the World’s a Stage

Sometimes the easiest things to miss are those right in front of your face, which is why it’s sometimes easy to forget that Brighton is home to such a wonderfully creative crowd.

For those of you joining us at The LEVEL Summit 2015, you are likely to pass through Brighton train station on your way to meet 100+ Live Entertainment Venue Leaders… so you will no doubt notice the latest addition to the platform – a free-for-all ‘Play Me’ piano.


Things like these are always going to be met with a certain amount of apprehension; ‘this must be a trick’, ‘I couldn’t possibly do something in public’ or ‘how embarrassing’, but there are a few that seize the opportunity to be noticed and thus – a truly organic form of performance is born.

Disregarding the groups of children giggling over their rendition of Chopsticks (which is, of course, lovely in itself) and the inebriated friends making noise, you can often spectate as talented, unassuming pianists seemingly lose themselves in the crowd and immerse themselves into the music. The girl sat across from you on the train, the older gentleman buying a coffee on the platform… we all have hidden talents made all the more exciting when they are unexpectedly revealed.

The beauty of live entertainment is in the one-of-a-kind – the idea that you are viewing something that no one else ever will again – so why confine this to conventional venues and arenas? All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

piano 2

If you’re passing through, tweet us a photo of your platform performance! @TheLevelSummit #LVL15 #PlatformPianist

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