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The art of Digital Marketing

This week saw Marketing Executive, Karl Shilbach start his 5 month online Digital Marketing course, delivered by Squared Online.

As a recent graduate this was the ideal time for Karl to continue learning and developing. In the ever-changing digital landscape it’s vital all marketing content is delivered to the correct audience, at the correct time and this course focuses on both aspects in equal measure.

“I’m extremely excited to get stuck in and improve my digital marketing skills,” explains Karl. “I’m particularly interested in learning how to implement a successful social media strategy whilst integrating data effectively into my marketing efforts.”

It’s apt that the course is completed digitally and focuses on grading work in group based projects, which is exactly what happens here at XP on a daily basis.

Working full time at Xperiology and dedicating his spare time to complete this course will inevitably be difficult at times, but the end result will not only benefit Xperiology, but also Karl, as he continues on his Marketing journey.

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