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Etihad Skyline… don’t look down!

The XP team was in Dublin last week putting the final touches on our 2017 events; Ticketing Technology Forum 2017 and TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2017 and in order to ensure that our delegates experience something really unique, we just had to do a test run of Croke Park’s Etihad Skyline tour… and it’s not for the faint hearted!

It was a cold, wet, miserable grey morning in the Emerald Isle but our tour guide JJ employed the local Irish charm to ensure that our spirits were not dampened whilst climbing the stadium (even if our jackets were).


The skyline allows visitors to walk the entire circuit of the stadium in the clouds, providing incredible view points of the whole city, as well as unparalleled views of the stadium itself. Most of the walk feels very safe, but there is the glass viewing platform which hangs over the pitch with just the slightest of a lean… not everyone’s favourite part!


What was great about this tour was that after a short climb up the steps, it’s not physcially demanding, leaving you free to enjoy the experience without being out of breath.

Learning the history of both the city and the stadium whilst embarking on the walk was fascinating and the sense of community spirit really shines throughout. We were particularly impressed with the addition of a lift up to the roof, making the experience accessible for all.


Thank you to the team at Croke Park for their wonderful hospitality during our stay, we hope the weather has cleared up for you!

We hope to include the Etihad Skyline tour for our delegates attending Ticketing Technology Awards 2017 (5 April) and TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2017 (22-23 June 2017). If you’d like to get invovled, get in touch.

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