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Furnishings and Food Tastings…

We’ve only just finished packing up after delivering TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit 2016 earlier this month, but already our attention has turned to our next world-class meeting; Ticketing Technology Forum 2017.

As our company name suggests, we treat all of our events as ‘experiences’, knowing that every tiny detail adds up to an entire experience for each person. Some may assume that as long as the programme content is strong and everything runs to time, that a mess at registration desk or a lousy cup of coffee can be forgiven – but we know different.

For each person, diferent elements of an experience are important – one may be relying on decent Wi-Fi speed to not miss that important conference call, another may need us to make a personal introduction to that person they really wanted to meet – and so the only way to ensure that each and every one of your customers is happy is by getting everything right.


In the name of this (and any excuse for a little team bonding) we flew out to Dublin to check over every detail of our conference venue for the Forum for the second year running – Crowne Plaza Northwood.

Since our record-breaking 2016 edition of the Forum, the hotel has treated itself to a gorgeous internal make over, helping us feel confident that our many returning delegates won’t feel like the event has gone stale. We listen to feedback from our attendees and it was apparent that the food at the last Forum was not as good as it could have been, so we booked ourselves a table, cleared our afternoon schedule and worked our way through everything on the hotel’s menu (I know, it was as hard a job as it sounds) to make sure that the refreshments at next year’s conference keep all our delegates… well… refreshed!


We like to keep an element of surprise to our events, so we won’t be revealing the chosen menu just yet, but we’re happy to say that after sacrificing ourselves by eating everything, we’ll be serving up a delicious feast over the two day – so your bodies will be enriched as well as your minds!

Now all you’ll need to worry about is how to make room for more! Many thanks to the lovely folk at Crowne Plaza Northwood for their relentlessly warm hospitality.

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