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DISCUSSION PAPER: The Promise of Convergence

In the first of our pre-forum Discussion Papers, we look at six of the hottest industry topics – mobile, social media, NFC, dynamic pricing, portals and cloud computing – and consider which ones should be a priority for venues and rights-holders.

Six of the hottest topics in the world of live entertainment ticketing right now are: mobile, social media, NFC, dynamic pricing, portals and cloud computing.

Every venue (and every rights-holder) should be aware of these concepts, but which ones should they be prioritising?

First, a quick snapshot of each of these concepts:

Mobile ticketing
Mobile ticketing has been promised for at least the last ten years but has yet to take off. There are many technical, cultural and commercial reasons that have restricted the development of mobile ticketing to date, but there is…

***Full discussion paper available on request***




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