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Ticketing Technology Forum ‘Goes Pro’

When Ian was gifted a GoPro at Christmas, he was elated at the idea that he would be able to see the world through the eyes of his beloved hounds whilst hiking across the Downs each morning.

But, the gift also inspired Ian to action a new way of connecting with our customer; asking our delegates on site to film a point of view account of their time at the Forum.

The idea is that three lucky delegates will have a GoPro bestowed upon them in exchange for first-hand footage of their experience networking, learning and celebrating amongst 400+ of the industry’s finest.

“The idea came to me whilst discussing data and how the industry has become so data-focused. It is vital that we know our customer’s likes and dislikes in order to approach them in a way that makes them feel catered for. What better way to understand your customer than with the rawest data of all – life literally through their eyes. And if it doesn’t give us any insight, at least it will be good fun!”

We’re imagining the footage to be fascinating and will be sure to take some time out after the event to play ‘spot the team member’ in the video reels.

Keep an eye on the TTF website to see the footage spliced into our highlights video…you may even make the final edit!


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