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The Weekend Tourists

It’s often very insightul to ‘flip the lense’ and take the view of how your customer sees your business.

We just spent a long (and surprisingly) sunny weekend in London – renting an apartment and doing all things ‘touristy and Notting Hill’. Portobello Road market, fancy coffee shops, a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, shopping in the West End etc. untitled

It’s unusual to be a tourist in one’s own country but London is that kind of city. You can be a 100% Brit and still be exploring the world’s most cosmopolitan destinations.

The weekend gave us plenty of time to reflect on how our delegates (many of them overseas tourists and strangers in the destinations of our host cities) view their conference experiences. We’ll be looking into how we can improve our communications, signage and services to ensure that locals (regular visitors) and tourists (new faces at our events) make the most of their conference investments with us.

PS. Not sure the rubber boots company of Notting Hill were doing great trade in 25C sunshine. Even with washable liners, it was too sweaty a proposition to even try on. More popular were the telephone kiosk can openers – perfect for a cold one in the park!

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