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The first 2016 outing

Murders, Comedy and Sushi…. Three words I did not think I would ever include in the same sentence but here they are! The key words to what was a fantastic first team outing of 2016.
Kindly organised by Lizzie, we set off early afternoon to Brighton with no hint as to what we were about to take part in other than six cards displaying “clues”.

We pulled up at the basement of 21 Regency Square, home to Escape Game Brighton, a team Murder Mystery game. We had to solve the case of “Murder at Brighton Pier”.  Working together we had to search the room firstly for clues and then solve various riddles and puzzles in what was very much a live action game of Cluedo.

Turns out as a team we are quite the detectives, we completed the task with 12 minutes left of the allotted 60 minute time limit (with 1 or maybe 2 points in the right direction…).  A special mention to our Director Ian Nuttall for his knowledge of the periodic table.

After some intense mental activity we had all worked up quite the appetite and were delighted to find out we were heading for Sushi (Something that had been a regular topic of conversation long before my start here late November).  I actually think our eating performance outweighed the last task!  The food was delicious and the plates stacked up, with praise given to Sushi newbie Karl who we discussed possibly entering into a food challenge in the near team1future.  So watch this space.

To round off a great day we headed of to Komedia,  a popular tour point from, The LEVEL Summit 2015.  We got to take in four very funny acts during the evening.  I myself, got ridiculed slightly for living in Crawley but at the same time got off very lightly compared to some the couples in the front row.

So from the whole team a big thank you to Lizzie for a great day, I know we all had a great day.

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