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Take that, advertising.

It seems every year, as Summer draws to a close, we are living in fear of the first person to drop the dreaded ‘C’ word – Christmas.

Some years it feels like the seasonal aisle in the local supermarkets appears before we’ve had a chance to pack away the sun tan lotion and it’s a stark reminder that time is going far too quickly.

Coca-Cola has become a sort of beacon of the festive season with the famed ‘Holidays are Coming’ adverts – depicting the Coca-Cola truck arriving in town and bringing with it the festive lights – and for many, the first viewing of this TV advert is the official kick off of the Christmas countdown.

This very same corporation has this summer taken things a step further, by posting print adverts for their Oasis drinks around Swindon town with a tongue-in-cheek, wildly premature Christmas greeting – in July.


Poking fun at their own overearly launch and projecting a playfully rebelious nature, the print ads display the message: ‘First Christmas ad of 2016. Take that, advertising’.

On their Twitter page, the spirited humour continued with a tweet of ‘It’s no big red truck, but it is a big red poster!’

Some (or most) may have found the stunt deeply irritating as we Brits cling to the final dregs of our so-called Summer, but love it or hate, it certainly has drummed up some publicity launching it into the realms of marketing genius.

In a digital world where we are force-fed corporate messages all day every day, it’s refreshing to see such a huge organisation poke fun at itself. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of Coca-Cola’s book and take life (or work) a little less seriously.

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