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The Art of Writing

Eager to develop my ability to write the English language concisely and effectively, this week saw me take to London to undergo an intensive two day news and feature writing course.

Being able to engage an audience through writing is a skill some possess and others struggle with; unfortunately I fall into the latter.

As a result, I travelled to the highly renowned Press Association to change this. I learnt a multitude of techniques during the course but the concepts I found particularly interesting were understanding the ‘Inverted Pyramid’, the importance of quotes and keeping the lanaguage used as simple as possible.

My biggest downfall is overcomplicating what I’m trying to say and becoming too ‘verbose’, diluting the message I’m trying to get across. This was (unsurprisingly) highlighted and my objective going forward is to cut out redundant words and become a much harsher critic with my own writing (in fact I’ve actually re-written this sentence several times).

The course was incredibly insightful and a special mention should go to former national journalist Andy Drinkwater for providing such an engaging and interesting two days from which I feel I’ve benefitted greatly.

Here’s to a better 2016 as my new found writing skills will be out in force providing far greater content marketing than ever before.


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