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Say Cheese!

It’s an exciting day at XP Headquarters because today our handmade cheese has arrived all the way from Cortona, Italy… and the air is thick with the whiff of pecorino!

In July, the team flew out to XP’s Italian office/home-away-from-home for the annual Summer party (I know, it’s a tough job…) and one of the team buidling activities was cheese-making in the mountains of Cortona.


Many of the cheeses that we made were devoured that evening during a cheesy feast, but the pecorino was to sit for three months until it was ready for us to eat. It was most exciting to receive our pongy parcels and we of course had to carry out a taste test straight away. Turns out Ian’s efforts making some homemade jellies were timed perfectly and the team have now definitely had enough cheese to last until Christmas.

The verdict: Fantastic!


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