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REPORT: Repucom release International Stadia Operators Survey

Repucom, partner to TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2013, has released its latest International Stadia Operators Survey, offering a thorough synopsis of current and future developments in the international stadium business.

Key findings in the report – compiled from the responses of some 70+ leading stadium operators, across 22 international markets – include:

  • Stadium naming rights continue to grow in importance. An increasing number of stadia sold their naming rights in comparison to 2010 (46%, +13% points). Naming rights are seen as an important revenue stream (84%, +23% points) but, at the same time, it‘s understood that naming rights require local acceptance (56%, +21% points)
  • The prevalence of cashless payment: Since 2010, more stadia are using E-payment solutions (34%, +9% points)
  • Digital connectivity is a key consideration for stadium operators moving forward, with the provision of high quality WIFI in VIP and public areas increasingly seen as a necessity.
  • Fan engagement and social media: One crucial consideration for stadia and venues in the future is and will be integration and communication via social media to help enhance the stadium experience.

The full report is now available for free, as a PDF, on request.




NB: Naming rights, cashless payments, smarter stadiums, the digital fan experience, and more, are all covered in the world-class visitor programme for TheStadiumBusiness Summit 2013.

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