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PREVIEW: Targeting and locating customers for premium seating

The premium seating business is in the midst of many changes. A flurry of new buildings and inventory provide more variety to (and more competition for) clients, but challenging economic conditions and other entertainment alternatives conspire against selling these higher-end offerings.

Data and analytics are changing the game and helping sports franchises to price, package and market their premium inventory more accurately to consumers. This new wave of business analytics has just begun and there’s much more to be done going forward.

We are delighted to welcome Scott Jablonski, Director Club Analytic and Reporting, National Hockey League to the programme at Premium Seat Seminar 2013 to share lessons in targeting and locating customers for premium seating.

Bringing together industry leaders and practitioners from North America and Europe, the total focus of Premium Seat Seminar is on driving premium seat business, improving customer service and building loyalty in the highly-competitive sports hospitality market.



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About the speaker:

PSS-140Scott Jablonski joined the National Hockey League in June 2009; he and his team focus on both financial and ticketing matters for the League and its Clubs.

Prior to the NHL, Scott worked at the National Basketball Association in Team Marketing and Business Operations (TMBO), consulted with several sports franchises during his MBA education, and worked in technology at Oracle Corporation and his own startup, among other companies.

Scott holds an MBA from Harvard Business School (2007) and an M.S. (2000) and B.S. (1998) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.