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Pot Luck Dinner – Spanish Night!

With the New Year bringing all sorts of promises – ‘I’ll be healthier’, ‘I’ll stop drinking’, ‘I’ll take that class I’ve been talking about all year’ – we also made a little pact at the XP office too: to make more time to chill out as a team.

We’ve decided that as the strongest shared interest we all have is eating delicious food, that this would come in the form of a monthly ‘Pot Luck Dinner’.

The rules are simple – a theme is selected, the dishes are picked from a hat (starter, main, sides or dessert) and a date is agreed.

This month was Spanish themed and our team put some serious effort into the inaugural affair.

Lizzie’s starter was a delicious slow-cooked dish of spicy tomato baked eggs (there is a fancy name but it’s escaped me for the moment).

Tamara had sides and rustled up a classic Spanish omlette, Chorizo, bean and feta salad and (her favourite) deep fried aubergines with honey.

Angelina served up a seriously professional looking paella with salmon fillets and black garlic.

And Ian brought the whole night together with a lovely crème brûlée with Brandy snaps – delicious despite the fact that they didn’t set!

Josie entertained the team with her signature dance moves in the kitchen and despite the offer of wine, we all kept to our January promise of early nights!

Next up is ‘avocado night’. Thinking hats on for that one!

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