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LiveChat: You can’t win ‘em all but…

… you can get damn close. Feeling rather pleased with our Customer Satisfaction rating on our LiveChat service across our event sites: 96% chat satisfaction across recent chats.

To put this in context: Average customer satisfaction in 2017 was 83.54% globally according to LiveChat’s recent Customer Service Report 2018. This report gathered data from 21,000 companies, representing 22 industries, representing 32 billion website visits, 334 million chats and 17 million tickets.

With LiveChat becoming increasingly important in conversion of digital marketing our score is reassuring.

Actually we probably faired even better with our genuine clients as our negative scores were:

  • when we had an Internet outage (ouch!);
  • random people asking us random things that had nothing to do with our business (Is there a word for people who spend their time ‘live chatting’ just to pass the time of day?);
  • and a bunch of enraged Russian football fans who were angry their stadium was not shortlisted in TheStadiumBusiness Awards.

Interesting our business area – the Entertainment sector – performed relatively poorly when compared to other sectors. See below

Why? View our article on for some answers.

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