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Lizzie gets a new whip

I’m not a car fanatic, not even a fan, however I am in love with my new car!

My previous car, may he rest in peace, was not really the most reliable automobile and a few months ago when the MOT was due he suffered the terrible fate of the mechanic point blank refusing to even try to get him through the test. Oh. Dear.

Having consequently spent the last few months without wheels in my life (apart from borrowing the Mini – thanks Ian and Angelina!) it’s possibly the most exciting thing in the world to have finally bought myself a car.


It’s an Audi TT Quattro s-line, 268bhp to be precise. There are lots of other things that should be said about it, I’m sure, but my favourite thing is that… it looks good doesn’t it?!

If you need me, I’ll be in the car park.

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