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D’yathinkhesawus Rex?

Our hometown of Brighton never ceases to impress me with its constant efforts to improve visitor experience in the city. This weekend we came across an unusual past time tucked away in Brighton Marina Village.

It can be tough to keep an 8 year old entertained, and more importantly impressed, with the often limited range of activities that a lot of towns offer of a weekend. There are, after all, only so many times you can go to the same bowling alley, cinema or soft-play centre without risking the inevitable whine of ‘I’m bored’. So it was refreshing to find a new (and exciting, if you’re 8) activity to take her to – Globalls indoor, UV, dinosaur-themed crazy golf.

“Mini-golf takes on a whole new great experience indoors under ultraviolet light. The wall art and crazy life size dinosaurs set a magical scene for fun putting on the unique imaginative course. An all round entertainer for adults and children.”


A very unassuming shop front led us through an ominous black curtain to reveal a glorious techno-colour, glow in the dark dinosaur wonderland. The kids were amazed by the scenery and there was not a miserable face in the whole place (from what I could make out in the low level light). Glow in the dark golf clubs and balls made for a very enjoyable family activity indeed and something to tell her friends about at school on Monday.

So if you are ever visiting Brighton and fancy something a little bit different to spend an hour on, give Globalls a try… kids not necessary.


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