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Learn the secrets of Sweden’s national Arena!

With 700 LED TV screens; two 3750-square-metre movable ceiling sections; 65,000 capacity – Friends Arena is the only venue in Sweden that can offer features and functions such as flexibility and scalability for small and large events.

As part of Nordic Venue Forum 2014, delegates will be treated to an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Friends Arena, Sweden’s national arena.

Reaching out

The arena is named after Friends, an anti-bullying organization. Swedbank owns the rights to the arena’s name, which it gave to the Friends Foundation.

As a sponsor, Swedbank’s objective is to give the foundation increased opportunities to reach out to children and young people in schools and sports clubs.


Friends Arena is designed for all types of events. The venue can be adapted to handle everything from major public events to smaller performances starting from 7000 spectators.

How does this venue utlise the latest technology? What are they doing to attract new audiences (and keep existing ones?) And what ideas can you take back to your own venue?

Join us in Stockholm for two days of discussions, site visits and peer-to-peer networking that will change your venue business forever.

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