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IN VIDEO: The Allianz Riviera’s new brand identity

After announcing in July that it had purchased the naming rights for the forthcoming new stadium in Nice, France, Allianz has now revealed the brand identity for the new Allianz Riviera stadium.

One of the global leaders in the insurance sector, Allianz is very involved in the sports economy. For over two years, it has been present at major French and international sporting events: football, golf and disabled golf, running, the Paralympics and the French Olympic team, Formula 1, and more.

Having already lent its name to the Allianz Arena, which is the stadium of FC Bayern Munich, and to Sydney’s Allianz Stadium, Allianz is now joining forces with the forthcoming Nice stadium to help promote recognition of its brand in countries around the world.

The contract is worth an annual €1.8 million for nine years, excluding activation charges.

And now, the firm has unveiled the new brand identity for the Allianz Riviera, as depicted in the following video:

The logo is a stylized representation, in three dimensions; emphasizing the multifunctional use of the stadium, and the diversity of events that will take place at the Allianz Riviera.

The curved shape of the logo, depicts a sustainable venue, designed to live in harmony with its environment, and follows the lines of the region (eco-valley, coastline, horizon).

Combining modernity and elegance, this new visual identity allows a high allocation to Allianz brand through a play of color, the meeting point between the blue brand identity of Allianz, and the evocation of the French Riviera.

“Allianz France is very proud to associate its name with the creation of a new-generation stadium.” said Jacques Richier, chairman and CEO of Allianz France.

“The Allianz Riviera is another symbol of our commitment to the world of sport and culture and to sustainable development. It’s also a way for our company to share the values and force of the collective events that will be held for its clients, partners, distribution networks and the general public,”

“This collaboration with Allianz France is part of a natural logic, so it fell into place very easily,” said Xavier Lortat-Jacob, chief executive of Nice Eco Stadium.

“With Allianz France, we immediately found ourselves on the same wavelength with a set of common values: top quality, a shared vision of the flexible, multi-purpose use of modern stadiums, the need to reconcile international renown with local needs, the desire to base ourselves on the region’s characteristics and the attraction of Nice, and last but not least, long-term commitment at every level. The choice of the name Allianz Riviera takes on board the need to promote the region’s image in an original, modern and elegant way.”

TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit 2013 will be held in Nice, France from 9-11 October 2013.

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Après avoir annoncé en juillet l’achat des droits de naming du nouveau stade de Nice en France, Allianz a révélé l’identité visuelle du nouveau stade Allianz Riviera.

Un des leaders mondiaux dans le secteur de l’assurance, Allianz est très impliqué dans l’économie du sport. Depuis plus de deux ans, l’entreprise a été présente lors des grandes manifestations sportives françaises et internationales: que ce soit le football, le golf et le handigolf, la course, les Jeux paralympiques et l’équipe olympique française, la Formule 1, et plus encore.

Ayant déjà donné son nom à l’Allianz Arena, le stade du FC Bayern Munich, ainsi qu’au Stade Allianz de Sydney, Allianz s’unit désormais au futur stade de Nice afin de promouvoir sa marque un peu partout dans le monde.

Le contrat est d’une valeur annuelle de 1,8 M € pendant neuf ans, hors frais d’activation.

Tout récemment, l’entreprise a dévoilé la nouvelle identité visuelle du stade Allianz Riviera, à découvrir dans la vidéo ci-dessous: