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How does your garden grow?

Just a few days has passed since the Xperiology team delivered TheStadiumBusiness Summit in Madrid to 350 delegates from the stadium industry, but some exciting work has only just begun back at XP headquarters – the kitchen garden is taking shape!

Previously a bit of a jungle, the slate has been quite literally wiped clean ready for a beautiful new garden just outside our office. There are all sorts of promises going round the team of growing fresh veg to feed everyone at lunch time, or exotic spices and chillies to take home every week.


‘We thought it would be lovely to let the team have input into the kitchen garden, and so we are encouraging them to start growing whatever they wish, and if they help with the up keep they can take as much home as they want’ said COO Angelina.

When we asked Lizzie her thoughts, she commented: ‘It’s going to be a really nice thing to do during lunch breaks, I personally can’t wait to grow some rhubarb to make some crumble!’

Check back in a little while for photos of the first XP harvest.

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