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A very hairy house guest

We love that we don’t have the most traditional or corporate office environment here at XP, and with that comes the occasional ‘non-traditional’ visitor. This week this came in the shape of Nico the enormous sled-dog.


Nico belongs to Tamara, our Head of Marketing, and joined us for the day whislt half of the team are off site for the summer working from the beautiful Italian office in Poggioni – well, we’re not convinced she would fit in the building if the whole team were here.


After an exciting morning of running round and round (and round) the garden in the hope of catching rabbits, learning the latest digital marketing trends with mum, and inviting herself to join anyone enjoying a desk snack, she finally decided that her work was best done from underneath the desk whilst having a snooze.


We’re not sure she’s going to prove to be the best sales person in the world, and her organisational skills certainly won’t be winning her a spot in the Ops team any time soon, but she definitely added a little fun to the day… and several (thousand) new hairs.

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