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Email free zone

An interesting experiment is being undertaken by Italian home textiles company Gabel to ‘refrain from sending any internal emails for a week’.

Employees at Gabel explained their main concerns at work were managing the huge influx of internal correspondences each day. Therefore, the company’s president, Michele Moltrasio, is interested to see if implementing an ‘email free zone’ for a week and communicating internally by more human methods will benefit employees productivity and job satisfaction.

“It hasn’t been easy to stop such an ingrained process, even temporarily, but they are rediscovering the pleasure of meeting and talking rather than writing” explains Mr Moltrasio.

At Xperiology HQ, internal communications are also dominated by email which at times can be extremely stressful. However, thanks to Gabel’s experiment and the positive reaction to it, perhaps we could implement an email free zone also. With our office move rapidly approaching this may be the perfect opportunity to give this idea a go.

Who knows, maybe this could be the start of something special…

Credit: BBC News.

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