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DISCUSSION PAPER: On-Sale Meltdowns. Why they happen. How to prevent them.

The fifth Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 Discussion Paper is now available, on request.

In the paper, Jake Grimley – Managing Director of Made Media, and member of the Advisory Panel for Ticketing Technology Forum 2013 (19-20 March, London) – explores ‘on-sale meltdowns’…

The last six months have seen thousands of music fans frustrated by big, online ticketing on-sales that didn’t go according to plan. The issue has even attracted headlines in the mainstream press, most notably with recent problems at the Tate (with their Kraftwerk on-sale) and Glastonbury 2013.

Some ticket sellers have been content to fall back on attitudes held over from older technologies (‘lines are jammed!’). In fact, for venues and promoters who usually have trouble shifting inventory, a crashed website can be a cause for glee amongst upper management. If the website goes down when an event is over-subscribed, who cares? The tickets all sell out anyway.

Well, it can be a major PR and operational problem. Frustrated would-be-purchasers waste no time in taking to social media to complain. For venues and promoters who run their own box office systems, each botched on-sale increases the pressure to hand inventory over to agents, cutting themselves off from valuable revenue and customer data.

The problem has two aspects…

*** Full Discussion Paper available on request ***




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