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Beyond the Game

It’s hard to go online these days without being bombarded with the latest popular photo, video or meme, so it’s rare that something actually stands out from the digital crowd. But this week, a video stood out for me as a perfect example of using an arena for so much more than just the sport it was intended for.

Using an incredible display of projection, light and sound, audiences at a SC Bern vs. ZSC Lions game were treated to a pre-game show that the internet is saying ‘will melt your brain’. A dramatic statement, but it’s not completely unfounded. Some very clever choreography teamed with perfectly rehearsed visual displays sees a lone ice hockey player dodging disaster on the ice.

Audiences have come to expect more than just the game that they’ve paid to see, so it adds huge value to your ticket price if some real time is invested in creating an entire experience – from these pre-game shows and half time competitions, to mascots and cheerleaders. Whether your team wins or not, the fans still have something to go home smiling about.

It’s fantastic to see venues being used to their full potential in examples like this and matchday experience is going to be a hot topic at TheStadiumBusiness Summit and Fan Experience Forum in Madrid this summer. 500+ stadium owners and operators will gather to discuss how they can learn from each other and how to be the best at what they do. If you’re in the stadium business, you don’t want to miss it.


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