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A picture is worth…

…a thousand words! Or so the saying goes. But how much (more) is a video worth in this digital age?

We’ve been upgrading our photographers and videographers in recent months and honing down the production briefs we give them – all to ensure we capture the essence of an Xperiology (e)xperience both for our delegates and sponsors but also our future marketing.

Great photography and videography doesn’t come cheap but it’s been proven time and time again that investing in your brand image pays dividends.

None more so than with conferences. By their very nature conferences are ‘events’ – moments only existing at a certain point in space and time. If you fail to capture it onsite, then you’ve lost it forever.

Investing in our photos and videos helps build an armoury of marketing imagery which is powerful in itself. Well-crafted marketing campaigns benefits greatly from smart images. (We can measure the increase in click-thru’s and conversions beyond the decimal point).

But there are also the secondary benefits of great imagery. We see our delegates adopting them for their social profiles, their own blog posts and their onward marketing. We pick up secondary recognition from all this activity – although it’s more difficult (or sometimes impossible) to measure the returns.

Another old saying is that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – so we do chortle when we see our images (©Copyright Xperiology) being used by… ahem… competitors.

However, as long as we are credited for the image (and our rivals don’t airbrush out logos or doctor the pixels for their own benefit), then it’s all good for us.

And, so what value on a video? Not sure, but we’ll be measuring it just as soon as our latest Ticketing Technology Forum show reel is released – complete with never-before-seen GoPro footage from some of our more adventurous delegates, sponsors and even a speaker or two.

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