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The XP team does Tuscany!

We hate to brag, but we can’t help but feel a lilttle bit smug about our choice of employers right now – as this weekend we fly out to beautiful, sunny Tuscany for the annual Xperiology Summer Party!

Xperiology was originally based solely in the mountains of Poggioni, and the office/home-away-from-home is still up and running since the company relocated to Sussex in the UK.

Which means the very luck XP team just HAVE to head out for a few days to check that everything is as it should be. It’s a tough job and all that…

The team work really hard (perhaps a little too hard at times) during our peak season, organising some of the industry’s most respected meetings, so it’s terribly exciting to be treated to a little downtime during the quiet summer period – and the fact that there’s an infinity pool with a mountain view just makes it all the easier to say yes to.

italy pic

There are whispers of secret planned activities and I’ve heard rumours that sometimes the competitions can get a little bit out of hand (not naming any names, but you know who you are), but it’s going to provide some invaluable bonding time, and perhaps a little colour on our cheeks too.

We cannot wait to get there and will be certain to report back on how terribly boring the sun, swimming, wine, food and fun was.

Here’s to another fantastic year of events with our little team!



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