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XP Headquarters Project Update: Jasmine and Flower Beds

Last month we updated on the XP headquarters project to say that the kitchen garden was being mapped out and paint was going on the walls.

A few weeks has passed, and whilst there has been many a rainy day putting a halt to works, we’re very much starting to like what we see when we walk into the office every day.

The kitchen garden is really exciting, with shingle and flowerbeds now settled in place around the lovely olive tree. Trellis has been erected and we can now see the allocated space that is planned to be the ‘XP de-stressing swing ball arena’.


For months, the front of the house has had patches of paint here and there and it’s been hard to imagine what the finished product will look like, but with the new arrival of the Jasmine plants, we’re starting to see all Angelina’s hard work managing the project come to fruition. The plants are yet to be teased out to cover the lower part of the main house but already it’s looking like a lovely place to come home (or to work!) to.


We are currently working hard putting together TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit 2016, which sees stadium project teams from around the world coming together to discuss the future of the industry. The way things are going at XP headquarters, perhaps Angelina could also teach them a thing or two!

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