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XP at the NFL

Having worked in the stadium business for over 10 years, bringing together the industry’s key figures, it would be a shame not to take a little time out every once in a while to experience what our stadium friends are offering… so we did just that by attending the NFL at Twickenham Stadium – Cleveland Browns V Minnesota Vikings.

Invited by the very kind Minnesota Vikings team, we are of course firm Vikings fans and so packed our viking hats, practiced our chants of ‘SKOL’ and went to see what it was all about.

The atmosphere was fantastic; a sea of American-style food stalls on offer (went went for hot dogs!), NFL merchandise everywhere, face paints, mascots… the real NFL experience.

Fans from both camps were sat together at the sold-out game, but there was good-spirited competitive chatter amongst them all and only the friendliest of rivalry could be felt.

We took along the tiniest of Vikings – Josie – who reveled in the attention of screaming ‘Skol’ at the fans behind us and cheering on the purple team.

In between play the ‘Party Squad’ could be seen dancing and back flipping, and firing t-shirts into the crowd from cannons – and the Browns dog mascot took a few laps of glory across the pitch whilst ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’.

Flexi-cam was also a big hit with the team, watching randomly selected fans showing off their muscles to the sound of ‘Macho Man’.

All in all, the first NFL experience for the team was superb. It was great to have a little slice of America on our front door.

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