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Virtual Reality: The Stadium vs The Sofa

It seems everywhere you look within the latest technology publications the topics that are displayed seem to focus on virtual reality (VR), whether it be at international themeparks, the launch of the latest mobiles or games consoles taking the next step.

In the topic of sports however, it is the opportunity to spend time with friends and become apart of the matchday experience without leaving the comfort of your sofa. VR could give fans the 360 experience you get at a stadium for what will inevitably be less than purchasing tickets for games.

The home fan is already a stadium’s biggest competitor with it now incredibly easy for fans to watch matches from around the world in real time on a number of devices. Watching on TV often gives you the best view of the game and if VR can also provide the atmosphere of the game it could be a real selling point.

It will be very interesting to see how this develops… Will it be successful or more of a gimmick much like 3D TV has turned out to be? Will clubs end up selling VR tickets for fans to watch from home?

It certainly is an interesting time to be a fan of sports and live entertainment and who knows what the future holds for the fan experience.

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