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#SBS TheStadiumBusiness Summit

UPDATE: Small Market Economics (SME13) Workshop launched

Since its launch in 2010, TheStadiumBusiness Summit has focused on the larger stadiums and higher profile teams.

However, our delegates tell us that there is a real desire to address the information needs – and to showcase the successes – of small and medium-sized stadium businesses. After all, there is as much (perhaps even more?) innovation in these smaller markets.

This is the reason behind the addition of our Small Market Economics (SME13)Workshop alongside the 2013 edition of the Summit in Manchester.

On 7th June (parallel to the main Summit) the SME13 workshop brings together leading executives who are at the forefront of stadium success – both planned and existing – in smaller markets.


The one-day workshop (on Friday 7th June) includes six stadium case studies – going in-depth into the P&L, matchday and non-matchday business plans – with lots of time for Q&A and debate.

View the full Workshop Schedule here (PDF, 1.3Mb)

Please email us if you would like to reserve a place for you and your colleagues.

If you are in the (smaller) stadium business, we invite you to join us for a day of invaluable insights, business lessons and new thinking from the “boutique” stadium sector. See you in Manchester!