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Twitter on the brink of…

Is Twitter in terminal decline? Or is it just going through a major restructuring?

Recent reports suggest the departure of three key executives in charge of the company’s key future product launches is heralding the social platform’s “darkest hour”.

One thing you should know: it’s all uphill from here. One analyst, Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research, bluntly called Twitter “total junk” today.

As Seth Feigerman on Mashable comments: “Wall Street has called open season on the company, repeatedly driving the stock to new lows.”
He continues: “A certain amount of restructuring is inevitable when a new CEO takes over. That said, the sudden and collective departure of nearly half of Twitter’s top executive team, forced or not, without permanent leadership named to replace them only adds to doubts inside and outside the company about the timing and chances of Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey pulling off a meaningful turnaround.untitled

“The effect is nearly the same: Twitter is going back to the drawing board again, both with its leadership structure and perhaps, if you read the tea leaves, the innovative products like Moments that were once  hoped to be its salvation.”

Our Managing Director also has his doubts on Twitter’s future: “Has Twitter worked for us as a B2B business platform? At Xperiology the jury is still out. It’s great to have followers and it’s been a useful channel to reinforce / amplify our messages but we can only record one direct sponsor sale and perhaps a few delegates booking directly from all the Tweets.”

Can Dorsey do a Steve Jobs and turn Twitter around?

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