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The great escape!

Xperiology took to London to partake in a series of puzzles and clues to escape clueQuest.

Situated a short walk from King’s Cross Station, clueQuest is the UK’s leading real-life escape game, using only common sense, logic and the power of teamwork.

With little prior knowledge of what to expect and offered only a short cryptic briefing we approached the game with genuine excitement. With just an hour to escape, time was against us, ensuring we had to work as a closely knit team to succeed – parallel to our work ethic back at Xperiology HQ!

With no room for by-standers, everyone contributed evenly, helping each other piece together clues as we progressed through the game at a healthy rate.

However, as we looked likely to ‘make it out’ in time, we hit a stumbling block in the final room. Despite frantically throwing (literally) everything we had at it, we failed at the final hurdle. Nevertheless, with (a little) help from a gamesmaster we proudly escaped.

Karl Shilbach, Marketing Executive, said: “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was alot of fun and actually surprisingly challenging. Above all it highlighted just how important teamwork really is. In fact I think we’ve all taken something away from the task, helping us become even more efficient Xperiologists in the process!”

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon piecing together clues and solving puzzles as a team, we will be sure to return in the near future – determined to escape!

Although we think it’s safe to say, Sherlock Holmes needn’t worry about the Xperiology team presenting any competiton for him just yet.

To test your teamwork and problem solving skills go to

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