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Sting Operation

We love Summer, we really do. Well, don’t we all? But (and it’s just a small but) it does bring with it a few undesirable visitors who seem determined to dampen our spirits with their menacing presence. You’ve guessed it – wasps.

These threatening black and yellow creatures have been hanging around the XP offices for the last few months and frankly, we’re getting quite sick of our ambience being disturbed.

Various staff members have chosen different coping methods recently; squealing and running away, freezing on the spot and viscous attack by accounts file (this didn’t end well, in case you were wondering).


Ian finally decided enough was enough and called in for reinforcements to investigate the issue. And it appeared we had quite the issue on our hands.

The ‘wasp hunter’ – as he has been affectionately named – came to our Storrington abode to see what we were dealing with and the result was that we were hosting ‘the largest wasps nest he has ever seen’! Gulp.

So he donned his wasp-hunting attire – a hat with face net, large gloves and (apparently acceptable) bare arms. The team made sure every nook and cranny of the office building was sealed shut and the de-wasping began. After just 10 minutes we were assured that in the next 48 hours the pests should be no more.

However, he had underestimated our mighty nest, and this first visit was not in fact enough to rid us of the unwanted critters. A second visit has since taken place (bare arms still ‘not a problem’) and fingers crossed we’ll be wasp free from now on!


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