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National Camera Day

Those happy snappers amongst you will know that yesterday was recognised as National Camera Day and it inspired me to spend my lunch break looking back through old photos.

National Camera Day commemorates photographs, the camera, and their invention. A camera is an irreplaceable tool used to record and replicate memories, events, and people/places. Before the invention of the camera, the only resource to document a vision was a painting. There are very few who can perfectly capture the image of a person or a place in a drawing. The power of a camera provided many with a simple, inexpensive and fast solution.

With cameras being used so much, and selfies evolving into an act of everyday life for many it’s hard to imagine life without constant access to a camera.

For most, a device which acts as a camera in isolation has become obsolete, as smart phones and tablets have taken the lead for ease of use alone – well, why would you take two devices out when one will do just fine?

No matter the choice of device, there is no denying that photos are some of our most treasured possesions and every photo tells a story.

Here are some of my most treasure images… feel free to share your own!

Backpacking around Europe
Getting a Tuc Tuc back to the hotel after a Hen Do
My Brother and I in ballet clothes (he’ll be so happy i’m sharing this one!)
Skiing at Hunter Mountain – fantastic (slightly painful) week for all! Proper American steak house and bubbles in the hot tub surrounded by snow.
Glastonbury 2013. Enough said!



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