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We’re hosting 36+ countries!

Our world-class meeting – Ticketing Technology Forum has grown at phenomenal speed over the last few years, drawing in some of the biggest names in sports and live entertainment ticketing… and this year is going to be extra special as it’s our 5th birthday!

We started a little game to see how many countries we could get represented on site in Dublin, and we have to say we’re doing pretty well with 36 countries already confirmed… and counting! It’s amazing to know that word of our Forum is reaching all corners of the globe, to think it all started with just a few scrappy notes and an address book of contacts.

We are committed to gathering the most international audience in ticketing and – to prove that commitment – if you are a ticketing business leader and representing a country that is NOT currently on our map graphic (below), we will offer you a complimentary, full access pass to join and show us how things are done in your neck of the woods.

The Ticketing Map

Want to see which organisations are already attending? You can check them out here

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